Frequently Asked Questions, Math Tutoring in East Brunswick

 Is it possible for students who are "behind" in class to get "caught up"?

Yes - Tutoring can provide the individualized assistance that the student needs to master certain ideas. It is difficult to provide individualized assistance in a classroom environment.

Can students who are failing, or close to failing, improve their quiz, test, and report card grades?

        Yes - Even if a student has received a failing grade, he/she can still master the material, and improve his/her  remaining grades to pass the course.  Tutoring is a way to master the material the class has already      "moved on from".

Can standardized test scores (HSPA, SAT, ACT, End of Year Algebra) be improved?

        Yes.    •    Tutoring will demonstrate how to take the test.
                    •    Tutoring will improve the students ability to correctly answer the test questions.
                    •    Tutoring will improve the students understanding of the key mathematical ideas.

How frequently should tutoring occur?

        Once a week for one hour is the minimum.  If a student is far behind, additional tutoring sessions or time
        is advisable, until the student gets "caught up".  When a standardized test is close to being taken, a second
        tutoring session, or a longer tutoring session is advisable.

What if there is an emergency, and the student cannot keep the scheduled tutoring appointment?

        Call 732-754-2228 as soon as possible.

How can a tutoring session be scheduled?

        Click the Contact US button on the navigation bar. 

        Call     732-754-2228.


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